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As Thomas starts his first day of Pre-K, I am feeling slightly sullen. I am totally excited for him and all of the fun adventures this new year will bring. But I cannot help but to feel like time is taking advantage of us. He is growing so fast it feels like just yesterday he spend 8 hours a day sleeping on my chest only whinning when he was hungry. And here we are, Pre-K. Your parents always tell you that time flies but it’s never until you are dying for more time with that little one in your life when you truly understand how precious it all is. It’s like being in love but good and better.

So I as I walk my sweet little bit of everything into his first day of Pre-K I am so thankful for all the time we have had together and look forward to all of the wonderful adventures to come.

My heart just bursts.


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Currently planning a road trip to SF to DRESS SHOP! All of my bridal party is local except for one. My college BFF. So she doesn’t miss anything we are all packing up the volvo and heading to the bay!! Gosh I am lucky : )


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Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

This would be the perfect way to end the summer. A easy but fun book!

Get yours {here}. Anyone want to start a book club?

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sounds like a good idea to me : )

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More to come, but my lovely friend Amanda over at IGoYouGo did a wonderful feature on our Pirate Party from last weekend. I am still gathering pictures and printables. But follow this {LINK} for a preview.

Captain Thomas with Mom & Dad

Captain Thomas with Captain Papa

Captain Thomas & First Mate Amanda

Thanks SO much to you, Amanda!!

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{Geronimo Balloon Troopers} This is serious stuff. It makes me want to walk around with a party hat on and a group of their balloons and confetti trailing behind me. Some examples…



The whole crew sounds so great. Check out how fun their about page is!

Geronimo! was founded by Certified Balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper, Jihan “Jihanimo” Zencirli, as a way to celebrate friends’ and families’ lives in her hometown of Seattle in 2010. On any given day, Jihan could be seen arriving to a restaurant, birthday party, friend’s home, park, art gallery, library or boutique with her balloons fastened to her 1974 (yellow with matching saddlebags and whitewall tires) French Moped, drawing attention and delight from every person she zipped past. Eventually “The Balloon Girl”, as she was soon known, decided that it was time she shared the bliss of balloons with people of Los Angeles. Jihan opened the doors to her Seaton Street Studio and Workshop in Los Angeles, on May 1st 2011, where her spherical interests can be seen as an explosion and visual feast of fine ribbon, vintage millinery and hand cut paper fancy created exclusively and originally for every order, also offering party planning and event services!

Become a Balloon-Trooper in 8 Steps:

No.1 Give us a call! Email us! If you send a messenger pigeon or bottle into the ocean, we will still respond… it will take us longer, that’s all!

No.2 Tell us who/what/when it’s for. We love dream weddings, hip hoorays, happy celebrations, big dinner parties, little fiestas, outdoor hooplahs & hoodangs, indoor fireworks, showers for babes & brides, surprise proposals, bon voyages and bat/bar mitzvahs. Also, be sure to tell us if it’s an apology balloon. We have special unicorn tears for situations like that.

No.3 Have an idea of what color and look for the balloon you might want. You can provide us with as little or much detail/information. We tend to be bossy and suggest things anyway, but if your best friend is allergic to the color orange, or wears turquoise and gold every day, we should probably know. Every balloon is made unique for each order and will be one-of-a-kind, like you.

No.4 Determine what level of Balloon-Trooper you are:

Junior Balloon-Trooper: One 36″ Round Latex Balloon with 24 inches of hand-cut paper (only) Fancy Frill. $55

Cadette Balloon-Trooper: One 36″ Round Latex Balloon with 48 inches of hand-cut paper & metallic Fancy Frill. $75

Senior Balloon-Trooper: One 36″ Round Latex Balloon with 48 inches of hand-cut paper & metallic Fancy Frill and option of Fine Silk Ribbon or Accordion Tissue Orb. $95

Ambassador Balloon-Trooper: One 36″ Round Latex Balloon with 72 inches of hand-cut paper & metallic Fancy Frill, option of Fine Silk Ribbon or Accordion Tissue Orb. $125

Certified Balloon-Trooper: One 36″ Round Latex 24 Carat Gold Gilt & Diamond Dusted Balloon with 144 inches of 18th Century Fine French Ribbon, Hand-Marbled & Painted Italian Tissue Paper, New Zealand Huia Bird Feather and Austrian Crystal Balloon Weight for $5,000

Party Party Balloon-Trooper: This is completely customizable and specific to your party and event needs! Let’s meet to dream and discuss! We can plan your party from initial concept and invitations to the big day and all the fabulous details that make it polished and spectacular.

No.5 From here, we produce balloon magic to ready your masterpiece for pick-up within 48 hours. (Call us ASAP if your order needs to be rushed. Prices Vary.)

No.6 Come and pick it up!

a) You arrive to our Studio in Downtown Los Angeles to pick up your balloon. Geronimo Balloons fit in back seats, front seats and some trunks of most compact to mid-size car. Three balloons fit in a VW Beetle- that much we’ve tested, and generally two balloons fit in a back seat of any four-door car. We can provide delivery depending on order size and location. Email for rates.

b) We ship via FedEx Ground to your home within the United States, for a flat S&H rate of $15.00 per item. Balloon(s) and Fancy Frill will be shipped flat, wrapped gingerly in tissue….. anxiously waiting for you use when you’re ready to fill with helium and party!

*One 36″ Round Balloon holds the equivalent helium of approximately 30 Regular Balloons. Most party stores will allow you to just pay for helium if you bring your own balloon. Just be sure to ask nicely!

No.7 Recycling program. If you return a deflated balloon and fancy fringe in good and reusable condition to us, we will provide a “Way to Balloon-Troop Responsibly!” Credit of $10 toward your next Geronimo Balloon order. We hate to see things go to waste, so we donate the materials to Los Angeles public school classrooms to be reused for art projects and fun.

No.8 Enjoy. Balloons are to be taken serious– seriously happy. And should make you feel special, because…. you are!

So fun! Adding them to the birthday wish list!

Along with {this cake}

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we finally made a decision on Thomas’ birthday party invites and I am so happy with the result. After hours of working on making it by hand I felt a little overwhelmed and decided to outsource the job. I went over to TinyPrints and instantly fell in love with this invite

And to make it even more fun I asked Matt to design a little treasure map with directions to the party.

* I blurred out the streets for privacy

With those out in the mail I feel so ready to get really into party planning.

I have already picked up a couple packs of these . . .

From {MeriMeri} for $11.95

& a couple of these to for the kids to play on . . .

From {blowout party} for $29.99

Stay tuned . . .

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