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From the Etsy shop Primele, get personalized return address stamps. But not only are they personalized, they are also ADORABLE. I just ordered one myself.

For $59 you can save your hands lots of time writing out addresses.

Order your own {here}


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What a sweet idea.  Pick up this sweet little bracelet made of pearls for a special little girl in your life.

from this lovely esty shop {Room of Your Own}

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Moxiepear is an extremely adorable Etsy shop selling eco-friendly paper pencils.

 1. 6 Pack    2. 3 Pack Red    3. 9 Piece Colorful Pack    4. 6 piece Pink

The owner gives a sweet description of what she does and how she started her shop . . .

{about me}
I am a mom, wife, business owner, amateur photographer, laundry procrastinator & chocolate addict (among many other things). I live in just south of Atlanta, GA with my husband aka “The Baconator”, my two crazy kids, a cat that thinks it is a person and a lunatic of a dog. You can take a peek into my crazy life by visiting my blog.

{about my Etsy shop}
I came across these super cool recycled colored paper pencils last year and had to find a way to share them with the world. I decided to open up an Etsy shop and dedicate it to the pencils that I love so much. You will also find a few things here and there made by me!

{about MOXIEpear.com}
In 2005, I decided to combine my passion for graphic design and small business into a full service design boutique. I choose to work with small businesses like yours because I have a passion for what I do and truly want to help you succeed. Some of my services include boutique web design, logo design, print design and more.

visit me at: http://moxiepear.com or http://ahousefullofmoxie.com (my blog)

Check it all out {HERE}

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this would be a wonderful way to wake up and work on the computer. . . bring colors all over your keys

You can get your own via {this} shop on Etsy for $11.99

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I stumbled upon this Etsy Shop thanks to their built in recommendation feature.

Ayo Femii Jewelry

Hi, my name is Ayo and I’m currently a student at ASU. I like pretty much all things creative including cooking, interior decorating, clothes, etc. I especially love making jewelry in my spare time and I’m super excited to open my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.

I picked up a peach one for myself. I can’t wait to sparkle up a cocktail dress with it.


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Beautiful Wooden Porter Bike Crates. Made by One More Bike on Etsy

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Beautiful handmade Estate Jewelry via The Pemberley Collection on Etsy

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