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Pottery Barn not only provides amazing decorations but they help you plan awesome parties.

check it our for yourself {here}


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I have been seeing wine barrels all over lately. {I even purchased a cheese board out of one} . I think they are a great addition to any party. They are rustic and unique.

I found an awesome barrel that has been converted into a sink. It would be so neat to use it in the house with the bar.


For more inspiration with wine barrels take a look at {my pinterest} to see what else I have dug up.

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This is such a wonderful idea for living room decor. It would be a lovely wedding gift from parents or grandparents.

Featured on Southern Living:

“This is one of my favorite things,” says George of the framed envelope in the dining room. It was addressed by George’s great-grandmother to her uncle, George’s namesake, in 1917. He found it tucked away in his grandfather’s dresser. A local printer scanned and enlarged the envelope.”

Such a simple yet sweet idea to warm your home.


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Matt and I, along with our family and friends threw an engagement party {finally}! Held in the backyard of my parents home in Laguna Beach. We had a blast putting together an awesome little party to get our loved ones and wedding parties together.

It was a DIY party. We took care of everything from the food to the lighting canopy. It turned out great and I am so excited to be able to share it with you. I am currently compiling pictures but I wanted to share a sneak peak : )

Constructed my Matt and my father. I gave them some inspiration via {my pinterest} and they threw together the perfect design.

A shot of the pre-party backyard

Pre-Party Set Up

Stay tuned for more!

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On sale at Potter Barn. {here}

If you want to see an example of what you can do with these check this out. . .


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Alice Supply Co. has designed some seriously cute cleaning & home supplies! They are so pretty and colorful!

Get your own {here}

Check out the designers thoughts on their housewares:

“We believe that the humble dustpan’s days of being shoved away in the closet will soon be over; that a toolbox has feelings, too, and that not all scrub brushes are created equal. We also believe that doormats have been trodden on for too long, that beige is not a real color, and that a plunger will soon once again rule the world. We think you feel the same way as we do.”

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A perfect addition to any patio or living space.


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