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She is a style icon and one of the most well known women in history. She was classy and beautiful. And a real life princess.

I actually made a costume of her Rear Window dress for a Hollywood Halloween Party. A picture I will have to dig up and share. Think tulle and sparkles.

She is a classic woman and someone I personally look up to.

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Courtesy of KittenBear. I have seen this DIY floating all over the internet. Today I found simple DIY instructions and wanted to share. . .

1. Before you get started – You will need the following:
~ Picture frames – either one for each heart or one large enough to hold multiple hearts. I chose to have quite large hearts so I got one for each. I think plain white frames are the best for this DIY, but play around with different styles, you might find something you like better!
~ Maps of important or significant places – vintage maps are lovely if you can find them, but I just used regular street maps as it was easier and much cheaper! I had to get one map from overseas and snagged it on ebay for fairly cheap.
~ Scissors, glue or sticky tape, and a light coloured pencil.
~ A heart shaped template.
~ White backing paper.
2. Locate the part of the map that is significant and line up and trace your heart around the chosen area. Don’t press too hard or else your lines will show up later.
3. My template was actually a clothing tag from a dress I bought. I’m not great at drawing nicely shaped hearts, but if you are all you need to do is draw and cut one out to use as a template. Remember that the heart needs to be big enough to cover the chosen area of the map.
4. Carefully cut out each of your map hearts, ensuring all the edges are smooth and neat and no pencil marks are obvious. I chose to have maps of where the groom proposed (Las Vegas), where the wedding was being held and where the couple live (their first home together).
5. Lay out your backing paper (and cut to size if need be) and lay out your hearts how you would like them to display. At this point I decided I wanted to label the three locations – ‘The Proposal, The Big Day’ and ‘Happily Ever After’. I then proceeded to spend the better half of an hour re-writing these three phrases over and over again until I decided on the one in which I hated my hand writing the least.
6. Glue down all the pieces and put into your frames, and VOILA! You have just made a lovely and sentimental gift for loved ones or even for your own home 🙂

This would be a great anniversary or wedding gift. Or just something special for fun!

See is all {here}

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What a fun photograph!

I think he is pretty happy with his new bride : )


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I love the romantic florals of this whimsical wedding featured on {Green Wedding Shoes}. I love how simple the altar is surrounded by flowers and galvanized buckets. 

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These are just too cute

from {this wedding}

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My wonderful friend Amanda had Thomas and Matt over to her and her Husband’s home while I was gone. Matt and Thomas had told me she put on a little scavenger hunt and I was hoping Amanda would blog about it, and she did.

read about it HERE

Thanks love! You’re the best!

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