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As I previously {mentioned} I am planning to create our wedding invitations myself. As a result I have been spending loads of time looking through fonts. Courtesy of Veer I found the Alana by Umbrella Type. It is so elegant and lovely. A great candidate for any invitation!


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I love the sleek and rustic feel of this yard & pool.


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we finally made a decision on Thomas’ birthday party invites and I am so happy with the result. After hours of working on making it by hand I felt a little overwhelmed and decided to outsource the job. I went over to TinyPrints and instantly fell in love with this invite

And to make it even more fun I asked Matt to design a little treasure map with directions to the party.

* I blurred out the streets for privacy

With those out in the mail I feel so ready to get really into party planning.

I have already picked up a couple packs of these . . .

From {MeriMeri} for $11.95

& a couple of these to for the kids to play on . . .

From {blowout party} for $29.99

Stay tuned . . .

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My fiance’s final project for his Furniture Design class he was instructed to design and make his own chair. He chose to create a reading chair. The structure was inspired by the Bordeaux House. . .

his description of the chair

“The design of the Bordeaux Chair re-imagines the structural concept behind Rem Koolhaas’ Bordeaux House. A single steel cable is attached to the front of the seat, allowing the back to cantilever over a central hinge. This feature, along with the chair’s angles, allow the user to feel a sense of weightlessness in the comfortably reclined position. The chair is designed for reading as its primary function and the low back secures the shoulder blades, while the arm rests extend to support the elbows for holding a book. The warm hardwood seat, back, and arm rests feel comfortable against the user’s skin and contrast the industrial steel frame that gives the chair distinct modern lines.”

-Matt Gummow

It is now residing in our living room and has received nothing but good reviews from each person who has taken a seat in it.

For more about his projects look {here}

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I’ve mentioned how much I love Atlanta Bartlett {before}. With the fiance moving in I had to tone down the lady look going on in my room so I put together a more man friendly bed. To get an idea of what I wanted I had to look no further than my bookshelf. A few years ago Matt got me this book for my birthday and I highly recommend it!

{This} is what I scooped up for the new bed and you can get your own copy {here}

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Two years down and my fiance has been rocking it at his Masters Program at NewSchool of Architecture and Design. I am so proud/excited/happy for him. It has been a long road, especially with the distance, but all of this makes it all worth it. I wanted to share his portfolio with all of you because it’s awesome

Simply click to view full screen. If the link doesn’t show up you can check it all out {HERE}

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I had lots of fun getting ready for the holiday this year. I had planned a mellow get together, mainly with just my family and father in law. We had a fun day playing in the pool, making pretzels, and being together. I picked up an old Pepsi Crate from Pottery Barn and used it as the main setting for our buffet table. Combined with a couple handmade decorations, and a galvanized water bucket full of hydrangeas it was a simple and fun set up.

and of course some hand made fun from preschool : )

Find the crate {here}. Flowers {here}. Straws {here}.

For dinner the menu was . . .

  • Frozen grapes on skewers
  • Home-made Soft Pretzels
  • Watermelon, blueberries, and raspberries
  • Corn with butter, crushed black pepper, and cardamom
  • Garlic Turkey Burgers with Gruyere & Swiss Cheese
  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Dogs
  • Bacon Macaroni & Cheese
  • Cabbage Salad with Lemon & Apple Cider Dressing and Pomegranate Seeds

For Dessert we pulled out the backyard fire pit and made some yummy s’mores before heading out for the firework show.

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