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I am so glad I caught this article featured on one of my favorite blogs. . . Perfectly Imperfect.

She gives us pretty much all the info and tips on chalk paint that we would ever need to know.

Some things to know:

-Chalk paint has quite a matte (chalky) finish, but you receive luster by buffing.  Still, the sheen would equate to a satin finish…or maybe even somewhere in between satin and semi-gloss.

-It is best sealed with furniture wax, although you can seal it with other protectants.

-brush strokes will appear in the first coat, and as it dries, but it will dry to a smooth finish.  every now and then, I’ll have some dry with faint strokes in it, but nothing that doesn’t look natural and again, time-worn.

Where do you buy it?

–I buy all of my chalk paint from Classic Wall Finishes from a wonderful stockist named Patty.  She and her sister are committed to excellent customer service…she is just wonderful and I know you’ll love working with her!

How much can one can cover…is it worth the expense?

The quart size cans cover around 40 square feet….and let me tell you, it lasts.  And lasts.  For instance, with my one can of Old White, I’ve painted: two large signs, trim on the french dresser, a farmhouse dining table-2 coats, a large waterfall buffet-2 coats, a mirror, some small frames…and I can’t even remember what else.  I’ve just now gotten to under half a can.  And with saving the cost of primer, lots of sanding supplies, and using less sanding blocks to distress, the cost is completely worth it for me.  It will be different for everyone, but the quality is incredible, the look is so beautiful, and it does go such a long way.

Can you use it in a sprayer??

I honestly don’t know.  I haven’t tried, but I’m imagining you can.  Again, the beauty of the paint to me is the hand-applied finish…but I’ll give it a whirl sometime to see how it goes.

Can you use it on kitchen cabinets and dining tables?  How durable is it?

–You can use chalk paint on any surface.  It adheres to almost anything, and I’ve painted laminate, particle board, solid wood, leather, old and new furniture alike.  It’s held up beautifully.  I will tell you this…and please see the waxing video at the end…if you wax improperly, that’s where you’ll have more trouble.  This is covered in the video, but wait until your wax is no longer tacky before you buff it.  This will stop any paint “rolling” off.  So, yes, as long as it’s sealed it’s very durable.  And go for the cabinets!  Here’s some tips from Annie Sloan herself….find her tips here.

For high traffic tabletops, I would paint 2 coats and do at least 2 coats of wax…maybe 3.  If you use a Poly, go with 4 coats.

Can you seal it with anything other than wax?

–Sure you can.  However, Annie Sloan recommends using the Hannant’s Wax (or a comparable soft wax), so that’s what I’ve done.  Again, see the video at the bottom for a tutorial and some tips.

Is this paint only for heavily distressed finishes?

–No, absolutely not…here’s an example.  I didn’t distress this table at all…and I love how it turned out!

Do you have to wax in between layers if you’re using 2 colors?

–You can, but don’t have to.  Simply paint your base color, then top, and distress with a fine sanding block or sandpaper.  Only rub down to the base color.  Or you can use wax….see Annie’s tips here.

I’ve had some trouble with bleed through?  How do you fix this or what approach should I take?

I address this in the video, but I’ll say briefly…there are just pieces of furniture out there that are stubborn.  They have water stains under the original stain…and painting it pulls it out, especially if you paint with a lighter color.  I’ve had small bleed through with one piece (and have painted 25 with chalk paint), and it disappeared after the 2nd coat.


Matt and I are currently searching for the perfect cabinet of drawers and are planning on hitting up some vintage,antique, yards in SD. I look forward to the possibility of using these tips! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Some more from Annie Sloan



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I purchased two bundles of daffodils from Trader Joe’s this past weekend because I picked up a extra large mason jar while cruising a vintage shop in San Diego a while ago. This was the result…

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Matt took me here before the Symphony the other weekend. It was way cute and beyond delicious.

We shared a Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee that I am still dreaming about…

They have locations in Little Italy, Ca and Balboa Park, Ca.

I need to get my sister here!

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For Valentines Day Matt got me tickets to the San Diego Symphony! I am so excited! It is always fun to have an excuse to get all dressed up and have a romantic date night.

So far we have seen Stomp and Orange County Performing Arts Center and How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe.

Thanks Babe! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Another yummy place in San Diego. My parents took care of Thomas this past Friday so I could go down to SD to celebrate Matt’s best friend’s Birthday. Before meeting the group at Dave and Buster’s, Matt and I took advantage a kid-free night and had a nice dinner in downtown.

We met at his studio and walked over to Zanzibar on 7th and G Street.

The style was lovely, think rich mahogany with dark brown leather and just the right amount of light.

They had a fun selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. We opted for the Lemon Drop Martini and Red Wine Sangria. The menu was especially great because of the flexibility. They have Small Plates, Cheese Dishes, Salads, Soups, Flatbreads, Sandwiches, Burgers, and Large Plates.

I went with their…


zanzibar house salad•mixed greens, tomato, artichokes, kalamata olives, feta,
sprouts, red onions, sunflower seeds & avocado, with a side of house balsamic vinaigrette
small …  large … 9.50
add chicken … 2.95
Matt got the…

spicy tuna poke • stuffed in an avocado with
macadamia nuts and cucumber 11.95

Both were amazing! I definitely recommend stopping by!

They also have

  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • two other locations in San Diego
  • a connected gourmet market
  • deserts
  • catering

Hmm possible wedding choice? Put it in the running!

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Matt took Tom and I to dinner at The Linkery in North Park this past Sunday and I am in LOVE. It is seriously yummy. We shared their sausage of the day with another kind of prosciutto type meat with the yummiest, creamiest white cheddar cheese from cow’s milk. Thomas ordered the Grilled Cheese sandwich, Matt had the Whole Wheat Ravioli with Butternut Squash and Goat’s Milk Cheese, and I had the Pastured Lamb Stew. All of it was delicious. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who is in the area. They also have a great selection of beer, a lot of which is cask-conditioned. The whole setting is relaxing and mellow.  It is dark inside but not so dark that you can’t see your menu or the person you are talking to. Our waitress was wonderful, as well. Which leads me to the next point… They are a tip free establishment!

So what does that mean…


We charge for table service (18%) for dining-in guests and do not accept additional payment.

For guests that would like to show extra gratitude, you can leave cash behind for our charity of the month.

How awesome is that! I was really impressed by this and not to mention all the service was great! They even went out of their way to find crayons for Thomas. I was seriously impressed. It’s a wonderful idea overall.

So if you ever find yourself in the North Park Area. Stop by here!!!

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Spending the long weekend in Sunny San Diego was so wonderful. One day while Matt was working away on his new project, Tom and I hopped up to Balboa and spent a couple hours at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. For $18 you can run around pushing buttons, play pretend in Kid City, build blocks, and explore. It’s a great place and seriously perfect for ALL ages. If you’re in the area I would definitely recommend stopping by. Did I mention they are supposed to have great IMAX movies? Yeah, they have that too.

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