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because that means I can wear jeans…

Today’s look is comfy and fun.


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I found this over at Haven and Home. These pictures left me dreaming of my own home and office space.

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I especially like the idea of a shared space. A large, sturdy wooden picnic length table where I can work while my kids can create their own masterpieces. But also an open space to spread out and focus on my thoughts and ideas.

‘You may say that I’m a dreamer… But I’m not the only one…’

John Lennon

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I was asked to join Pinterest this past month and have been slowly getting used to everything it has to offer. So far I am really enjoying it. Especially since there are so many fun and creative people and things to find out there.

You can check out my stuff at this LINK. I’ve got some business wheels turning…. Stay tuned.

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For Real?

I stumbled up this SITE at work today. It is so absurd, but I guarantee these guys are making BANK.! I mean they even have a page dedicated to 2010’s ugliest homes. Not to mention their known for their billboards that say “We Buy Ugly Houses”.

IĀ feel that people with bad taste just shouldn’t be allowed to build/design/remodel homes. Okay, that was a little harsh.

Anyways, I got a little laugh. Maybe you will too.

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