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Pottery barn has some of the cutest halloween costumes for your little one.

For her~

For him~



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I am now dreaming and getting ready to plan a trip to the East Coast. Maybe with my soon to be sister in law and family… Sounds wonderful.


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It feels like summer is already here. And I think Thomas definitely feels the same way.

A quick target run supplied both the pool and the trunks.

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This is definitely one of the most unique doll houses/building blocks toy I have seen. It is totally kid friendly, boy or girl, made of sustainable materials, and really encourages thought and imagination. I am so impressed.

According to the site the Toideloi Stackhouse:

  • Can be a house, sky-scraper, village or castle. Something different every day. The Toideloi Stackhouse is a modular dollhouse. Kids or parents can change the dollhouse by arranging and stacking the rooms, balconies and roofs into many unique structures.
  • The Stackhouse is expandable; kids can bring along their rooms on play dates and build a mansion or build up a collection of rooms and roofs over time.
  • Materials: The Stackhouse is made from FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood. Birch is grown in sustainable production forests. The Stackhouse has a clear lacquer finish
  • No screws. Easily assembled and disassembled. The dollhouse is made entirely of wood. The walls of the rooms simply slide together. No tools required. Once put together the components are very stable. For longer term storage, the rooms can be disassembled in the same way. It is not required, but you could use a bit of wood glue (not included) to permanently attach the walls to each other.
  • Great for playing together. Kids can play with the wooden dollhouse from four sides. They can separate one set into two houses. So they can play together without being in each others way

Here are some pictures of the products and what they look like put together…

I just can’t get over how neat this is.

Follow this LINK to see their website.

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This is one of the most adorable birthday set-ups I have ever seen. And it’s all for sweet little girls first birthday.

Complete with a steamer bar, treats, and pretty pink decorations. Honestly, it’s just too cute for words.

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Via this site

I am helping celebrate my friend’s daughters first birthday this weekend and cannot wait to whip something together : )

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Trader Joe’s has a really cool wine pairing guide for Cheese, Hors D’Oeurves, and Meals.

If you are into wine you should check it out!


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Matt and I stumbled upon this wine a couple of weeks ago and completely fell in love. First of all the artwork on the bottle is awesome, which is the main reason we picked up the bottle. But then after having a glass we were pleasantly surprised at how GOOD it was.

We first tried their smooth red blend and then tried the soft white blend. Going for $7.99 we could not pass it up. I totally recommend this for date night. Plus after we finished the bottle Matt put this together and we thought it would be really neat to save up some bottles and throw them in the wedding decoration : )

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